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Make Time for What Matters: An Interactive Workshop by Julie Harris
15:00 - 18:30, November 12th
Meet Julie Harris, literally a pyromaniac – everything she does is about intentionally sparking people, ideas and solutions. An experience designer, she is a certified Make Time workshop designer, facilitator and coach. She’s also a certified design thinker, Sprint facilitator, and writer with a background in psychology.
Make Time for What Matters: An Interactive Workshop by Julie Harris
This highly interactive session will immerse you in the simple, yet powerful 4-step framework behind “Make Time”, a fresh approach to focus and energy conceived by ex-Googlers and authors of “Sprint”, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky.
What will you learn?
You will discover, explore and practice their renowned approach (along with some of the most powerful 80+ tactics) to make time for what matters most, every day. As designers, we’ve played a role in “breaking the system”, designing systems that divert people from the things that matter most. Let’s reconfigure. Come along and learn by doing in this hands-on workshop to reconfigure how we use our time and attention. We’ll explore our current defaults and start setting new ones – for ourselves and the people we’re designing for.
You’ll get:
• Real changes that stick
• A personalized approach to finding what works
• Methods proven at more than 200 companies
• Lessons based on experience and validated by research
And an urgent need to shape new tools to improve our working style.

Swimming in High T.I.D.E. by Salvatore Larosa

17:45 - 20:45, November 12th
Meet Salvatore LaRosa, currently working on the Group-wide digital transformation program of Poste italiane.
With its 159-year history and a network of more than 12,700 post offices, workforce of 125 thousand, total financial assets of €569 billion and 35 million customers, Poste Italiane is an integral part of Italy’s economic, social and productive fabric.
Highly experienced strategist and designer, Salvatore is the trainer of “Swimming in High T.I.D.E.”.
What will you learn?
TIDE stands for Trust, Integrity, Diversity, and Ethics. As designer, we must learn to keep into account these aspects in any service, that’s what he means for “learning to swim in a different, high tide”. In this workshop we will discuss and learn how to map and discover systems, identify actors and their value-exchange relations and how to ideate services and use cases that are respectful of different values, needs, cultures.
Trustability and Diversity mean recognizing values and needs of people and involving them in the whole design process. Integrity and Ethics are trickier, maybe more difficult considering that, to effectively design with integrity and ethics, a designer should be able to influence decisions, bringing together business and social interests, and listen to all the voices involved in a system.

WUDRome2021 - Certificate

WUDRome is one of the most important occasions in this sector both for the topics that are covered and for the value of the educational offer: for professionals and corporate teams (with dedicated packages). By participating in the event you will be entitled to a certificate for attending training.
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