Margherita Pagani

CEO and Founder, Impacton


I’m italian, I’m 28 years old and I have an hybrid background spanning Professional Volleyball, Fine Arts and Entrepreneurship.

Technology and data allow all different projects to emerge, lowering barriers for action, investment and risk.
Case Study

What do we do when solutions that work can’t scale? A project or program may be effective, but never reach the operational capacity to scale everywhere needed via a centralized model. In this session, we explore how technology and data allow alternative models to emerge, so that people and organizations around the world do not have to shape solutions from nothing: they can take what already works and focus on adapting it to their own context, lowering barriers for action, investment, and risk. In particular, we will explore the necessary design and technological requirements to make it possible, and the psychological and sociological consequences on the human brain.

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