Emmanuel Sevrin

Project Manager, UN World Food Programme


Emmanuel is a project manager for the UN World Food Programme. After managing the operations of the WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich, he is currently driving a new initiative to create digital opportunities for the Syrian refugee population in Lebanon. He holds a Master of science from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and a Master of international development from Harvard University.

Honesty and curiosity will give you more insights than any skill

The World Food Programme and other UN agencies have been fully mobilized to help all those who had to flee Syria’s borders in search of safety elsewhere. In Lebanon, WFP runs an e-card system as its primary form of assistance for hundred of thousands of vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese. E-cards are loaded each month with US$ 27 per person per month and can be used to buy food in any of the 500 contracted shops across the country.

Smartphone population within this population has been dramatically growing over the last couple of years. That opens areas for innovation to provide a better user experience and digital opportunities for people. Emmanuel has been with the UN World Food Programme for over 2 years and is currently exploring those opportunities in Lebanon. He will share some of his lessons learned and his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of building digital tools for vulnerable populations.

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