Anat Katz-Arotchas

CEO, Standpoint


Anat Katz-Arotchas is a pioneer in the field of Gendered Product Innovation, promoting gender thinking in tech. Bringing together her expertise in product and gender, Anat is the founder of Standpoint, a former member of the European Union’s gender innovation team and a local representative of the Danish UX firm- Design-people. Anat is also the co-founder of XX-UX Israel, a community of women promoting gender balance in the UX field.

If you’re not consciously gender inclusive you are unconsciously pushing some of your audience away.

Women represent half the users and control almost 80% of the consumer market, and yet products are often blind to gender differences, perpetuate gender biases, and fail to provide a balanced solution to women’s and men’s needs and preferences. How can we as designers change that? How can we overcome our own unconscious biases and make our products more gender inclusive? And how would it impact the growth of our products and the society we live in? An inspiring session which includes research based methodology and use cases that will open your mind to the potential and practicalities of creating gender inclusive products.

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