Being Human – understanding senses and emotions in UX and usability

8 novembre 2017
10:00 - 13:30

The workshop is for anyone interested in person-centered design and covers a range of subjects from neuroscience, thru accessibility to wearables and post-screen interaction design. This is the latest iteration of a workshop that has happened globally at corporations like Google and at major conferences like SxSW.

Come along: play, learn and be more confident about how awesome you and your users are.


Alastair Somerville

Alastair Somerville is a sensory design consultant. He provides expert advice on cognition and person-centered design to companies and public organisations who provide both physical and digital products or services. He facilitates workshops on sensory and emotional design for corporations and major conferences, including SouthBy Southwest (SxSW), UX Week, Interaction and O’Reilly Design. He is currently involved in cognitive accessibility projects for public transport in London and design for transcendent user experiences.

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