Co-Creating User Experiences with Clients & Users

11 novembre 2016
Dave King
General Manager Europe di XPLANE
14:00 - 18:00

Trainer: Dave King

Costo: €110,00 + IVA


DESCRIZIONE: Co-creating UX designs with clients and end-users not only accelerates reaching solutions, but more often than not helps you find and create the right solutions. But working this way is sometimes counterintuitive to design firms who see themselves as the experts hired to create those solutions. And for clients or users who have little experience, working as designers can be intimidating.

XPLANE co-creates most of its work with clients and end-users using design sprints and design workshops. In this half-day hands-on workshop, Dave King will share the tools and techniques they use to navigate these complex processes to arrive at the right solutions, faster. In particular this workshop will focus on aspects of Gamestorming and Visual Thinking.

DOVE: Parco Leonardo

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