Mauro Filippi
Service Designer
Dpt. Digital Transformation, Italian Government
Make me think!

Why revising the title of one of the most famous books about User Experience and Usability by Steve Krug?

What if the final purpose of a designer wouldn’t be to enable users to a faster and less critical consumption, but to empower them to be more aware, conscious and independent instead? If using a service means satisfying a need, while exercising a right, the role of the designer becomes prominent.

Those who design public services, from this perspective, have an additional responsibility, having a direct impact on the entire society, including all citizens beyond their sex, gender, orientation, identity or disability. What can the experience of the public sector bring to the private world and vice versa?

Designers Italia, through toolkits, guidelines, and ready-to-use templates, aims to address the community of public service designers, proposing principles and practices in an open and evolving way.


Designer, architect and photographer, he studied, taught and conducted his personal research among the University of Palermo, the Universidad Camilo Josè Cela of Madrid and the Carleton University of Ottawa.

After some international experiences with non-governmental organizations in support of territorial communities living in marginal areas, he co-founded PUSH, a design firm based in Palermo, active internationally on the themes of technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

For over ten years he has been involved in the design of digital services and open innovation, with a specific focus on social impact. Since 2020 he is a Service Design Expert for the Department for Digital Transformation of the Italian Government, within which, together with the Designers Italia team, he contributes to the co-creation and dissemination of specific design tools and methods for the public administration.