Manuele Forcucci
Project Manager & Experience Designer
A compass for leading teams and stakeholders towards a responsible design

As designers we often navigate through heavy seas of uncertainty and complexity in a continuous zooming from systems to pixels. In this context, design decisions could impact on a scale that goes from people to society. In Tangible we asked ourselves what we could do for leading conversations within our team and with stakeholders about those implications so that both are aware of threats or blind spots that could impact our designs.
The Ethical Design Compass is a lightweight tool that we designed for enabling teams to map, monitor and take in charge any issue that we can steer such as inclusion, accessibility, agency, trust and safety.


Manuele Forcucci is Project Manager and Experience Designer at Tangible. There he is responsible for project management, interaction design and user research. He has 10+ years of experience in digital design with different roles and team setups.

As experience designer and researcher he worked for companies such as: Bologna International Airport; Amplifon; Unipol-SAI; Zanichelli; Emilia-Romagna region; Elica; Trentino Sviluppo.

He attended as speaker and workshop trainer at WoriWorld IA Day (2014, 2020), Agile Business Days (2016), Accessibility Days (2020).

As trainer he taught at Digital Update, Bologna University, Fondazione Alma Mater, TAG Innovation School, Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato.

In 2016 he was local leader and co-organizer of World IA Day in Pescara, Italy.

He is passionate about travels, gigs, wine and food; nonetheless, he finds less exciting writing bios in third person.