Luca Ruggeri
Electronic Engineer & Co-Founder


Luca Ruggeri, electronic engineer since 2003, he worked in the telecommunications industry for 10 years with large corporations. From 2013, struck by lean & agile thinking, he began to deal with startups to co-found one in the context of smart mobility. Well connected with the entrepreneurial fabric of innovation in Italy he is an expert of change management and digital transformation. Consultant for the Italian government on the use of emerging technologies (above all AI & DLT) as a driver of growth. In particular, he was hired to consult the Agency for Digital Italy on the topics of digital transformation, design and development of digital services to improve the impact on citizens and specifically on the procurement for the innovative services and solutions. In this activity, he contributed to found the National Lab for Intelligent Solutions, focused on AI and emerging techs, in collaboration with the Italian Government, the Ministry of the Research, and research consortiums (CINI, GARR, CNR) and the most relevant associations of experts (AIXIA).
Since 2016, it has been firmly committed to the development of the Platform Design Toolkit and co-founder in 2018 of Boundaryless, the company spreading the method and knowledge of the PDT worldwide.