Julie Harris
Experience Designer
Julie Harris Communications
Make Time for What Matters: Interactive Workshop

This highly interactive session will immerse you in the simple, yet powerful 4-step framework behind "Make Time", a fresh approach to focus and energy conceived by ex-Googlers and authors of "Sprint", Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. You will discover, explore and practice their renowned approach (along with some of the most powerful 80+ tactics) to make time for what matters most, every day.

As designers, we've played a role in "breaking the system", designing systems that divert people from the things that matter most. Let's reconfigure.

Come along and learn by doing in this hands-on workshop to reconfigure how we use our time and attention. We'll explore our current defaults and start setting new ones - for ourselves and the people we're designing for. 

You'll get:
• Real changes that stick
• A personalized approach to finding what works
• Methods proven at more than 200 companies
• Lessons based on experience and validated by research  


Julie Harris is a pyromaniac - everything she does is about intentionally sparking people, ideas and solutions. An experience designer, Julie is a certified Make Time workshop designer, facilitator and coach. She’s also a certified design thinker, Sprint facilitator, and writer with a background in psychology.