Francesco Paradiso
Interface Designer
A compass for leading teams and stakeholders towards a responsible design

As designers we often navigate through heavy seas of uncertainty and complexity in a continuous zooming from systems to pixels. In this context, design decisions could impact on a scale that goes from people to society. In Tangible we asked ourselves what we could do for leading conversations within our team and with stakeholders about those implications so that both are aware of threats or blind spots that could impact our designs.
The Ethical Design Compass is a lightweight tool that we designed for enabling teams to map, monitor and take in charge any issue that we can steer such as inclusion, accessibility, agency, trust and safety.


As User Interface Designer @ Tangible, he really loves his work, which consists in designing interfaces for digital products, without ever losing sight of the effectiveness, usability, accessibility, inclusiveness and scalability. He knows that the user’s experience runs through a spectrum of emotions, from happiness to frustration and, as a designer, he fights to tip the balance towards good vibes.

In the last 10 years, as a designer and ex-developer, he has worked with digital agencies, startups and big companies. He joined Tangible to purse the mission to “generate positive impact for client’s business, for the people using them and for the ecosystem in which they live”.

He is a workflows and design tools nerd and he loves sharing what he has learned over the years. He is Roma and Milan Figma Community Advocate and he has co-founded Friends of Figma, Italian, the community for Italian Figma users all over the world.