Federico Monaco
Product Designer
Fatture In Cloud
Design for the colorblind inclusion

"Design for the colorblind inclusion" is the name of the bachelor degree thesis project developed by Federico Monaco. Starting from the formulation of the initial hypothesis, that is the existence of difficulties by people suffering from any type of color blindness in living the online world; the design methodologies chosen for the validation of the initial assumption will be retraced.

Part of the meeting will focus on the narration of digital material, created to help the color-blind community to encounter fewer barriers during their online browsing, also bringing to light some direct feedback from the reference community.

In the final part we will also talk about the initial ambitions of the project and the different goals achieved to date.


Graduated from the IAAD of Turin in 2021, Federico develops his interest in issues related to accessibility and inclusion during the development of his three-year degree thesis in Digital Communication Design.

The aim of the project is to help color-blind people to use the web and to build a digital world with fewer and fewer access barriers. Thanks to the collaboration with Firefox Browser he is able to design the "Color Vision Deficiency Assistant", the web extension that helps people with any type of color blindness to live the online world, overcoming the barriers that some sites present.

Another important part of his thesis project is the "Colorblind Accessibility Manifesto": a 10-rules list, which every designer should follow in order to be able to create accessible digital products for the color-blind community. He currently is a product designer at Fatture In Cloud.