Are you ready to experience the magic of WUDRome2021 from home?
Swimming in high T.I.D.E. workshop is just a click away!

Despite our choice of a hybrid event given by our desire to see friendly faces again, still, a large portion of the WUDRome2021 will be held online.

The workshop taught by Salvatore Larosa will run on Mural. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have an educational experience of this magnitude from your home. We look forward to seeing you!

Speech info

TIDE means Trust, Integrity, Diversity, and Ethics.

As designers, we must learn to keep into account these aspects in any service, and in turn, this means we need to develop a systemic design mindset (that is what I call “learning to swim in a different, high tide”).

In this workshop, we will discuss and learn how to map and discover systems, identify actors and their value-exchange relations in that systems, and how to ideate services and use cases that are respectful of different values, needs, cultures.

Trustability and Diversity are not a matter of interfaces or communication, but of recognizing people in their own values, needs, fears, beliefs, and involving them in the whole design.

Integrity and Ethics are trickier, maybe more difficult, because in order to effectively design with integrity and ethics, a designer should be able to both influence decisions, bring together business and social interests, and give voice to all the actors involved in a system.