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What is WUDRome?
Anat Katz-Arotchas / WUDRome 2017

WUDRome is a conference powered by nois3 – Experience Design Agency and it is the only event in south-central Italy that welcomes Italian and international speakers, managers, designers, developers and communication professionals, with the aim to spread the good practices of human centered design.

Since 2005, on the second Thursday of November, over 200 World Usability Day events are organised, in more than 43 countries across the world. The World Usability Day is an initiative by the Usability Professionals Association (UXPA) and the event first opened in Rome in 2014, thanks to the Experience Design Agency nois3.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness and train design professionals on the instruments and central issues in the research, development and practice of good usability.

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Theme for 2018

Design for
Good or Evil

We live in a post-digital era.

There is a huge responsibility on those who design user experiences and investigating the users’ needs following the principles of Human Centered Design is now paramount.

Design has a particularly strong influence on people’s behaviours and its consequences can be significant: either or good or evil.

This year at World Usability Day Rome we will not only tell stories of good design, that which guides people and respects its users, but also of bad design, in which the shared principles and rules for creating interfaces and usable products are subverted, and users are led onto misleading paths.

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The Organisers

The Organisers

nois3 team
nois3 team

The Experience Design Agency nois3 is one of the reference points in Italy for User Experience and Human Centered Design: over the years the agency has built a vertical community which is becoming increasingly vast and active.

The team at nois3 is multidisciplinary and practices a co-design approach, designing alongside users and stakeholders from the research stage onwards, in order to develop products and services that put the real needs of people first.

nois3 is also a training partner of many Italian businesses and enterprises, and organizes events to raise awareness on themes like design thinking and good usability.

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