Design for
Good or Evil
8th—9th November 2018

8 Nov 2018 ~ Conference Day
9 Nov 2018 ~ Workshop Day
Parco Leonardo ~ Roma Fiumicino

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More than 300 people gathered to talk about the value of Human Centered Design as an inclusion driver


Our tour that bring WUD Rome topics around the country > First stop: Florence


Theme for the year 2018

Design for Good or Evil

We are now living in a post-digital age.
Digital is no longer disruptive: it has become part of our habits, making itself inseparable from the physical environment and spreading across countless interfaces, devices and touch points.

There is a huge responsibility placed upon those developing for the user experience and it is essential to investigate people’s needs in line with the principles of Human Centered Design.

Design has a particularly strong influence on people’s behaviour and its consequences can be truly impactful – for better or for worse. This year, at World Usability Day Rome, we do not want to tell stories just of “good” design, the one which guides people and respects its users, but also tales of “bad” design, where the shared principles and rules for creating interfaces and usable products are subverted and users are led onto misleading paths.


Why join WUD Rome?


WUD Rome is a must-have networking event: with high level international speakers and a audience made by the best experts from the whole country it contributes generating new synergies and leads.

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WUD Rome is one of the most complete education occasion in the field for its topics and its education offer value, for professionals and teams (with dedicated offers.)
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WUD Rome is the perfect moment for Companies to meet the best designers and professionals. Are you hiring? Become Recruiting Sponsor and get in touch with UX talents.

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Parco Leonardo

Piazza Leon Battista Alberti, 12
00054 Roma – Fiumicino (RM)


How to get there

Parco Leonardo si trova nel quadrante sud-ovest di Roma in posizione strategica a circa 20 minuti dal centro della città e a 5 minuti dall’Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci.
Parco Leonardo is in the south-west area of Roma in a strategic position about 20 minutes from the City center and only 5 minutes away from the Leonardo Da Vinci Internation Airport – ROME FCO.

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Piazza Leon Battista Alberti, 12
00054 Roma – Fiumicino (RM)


Tel.: +39 06 29 66 60
Email: [email protected]

By Train

From Rome city center with FM1 train towards Leonardo Da Vinci Internation Airport until Parco Leonardo – Mall stop, in the pedestrian area of Parco Leonardo.Train frequency: 15 minutes


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