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WUD is where the UX world meets.

The World Usability Day is an event occurring around the world that brings together UX professionals, IA experts, designers, makers, industrials, accademics, managers and government groups for the common objective:

To ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

WUD is organised in more than 30 countries throughout the World to celebrate the strides we have made in creating usable products and to discuss about how usability impacts our daily lives. It is about making our world work better.

WUD is where the UX world meets.


Sustainable User Experience.

The theme for 2016 is Sustainable User Experience (UX) or Green UX.

Sustainability and UX design are innately intertwined since they are both about creating the best experience for people. Green processes and sustainable products take into account goals such as recycle, reuse and incremental improvement. It’s about taking existing products and services and developing ways to refine and redesign them to be more effective, efficient and reusable in ways that enhance a person’s life.

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Sustainable User Experience.

November, 10th



#WUDRome2016 conference day will consist of talks, case studies and pecha kuchas; the latter is a concise narrative with a precise pattern, 20 × 20: 20 images / slides and 20 seconds to speech each, for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


Welcome & Intro

Carlo Frinolli , Experience Designer & CEO at nois3 S.r.l.

Carlo will quickly introduce this year’s global theme “Sustainable UX” and the conference format.

Experience Designer & CEO at nois3 S.r.l.

Carlo Frinolli is Experience Designer, Founder & CEO @ nois3, he works, teaches and lives in Rome (Italy) – not necessarily in this order.


Sustainable Innovation

Paolo Di Cesare , Co-founder of NATIVA

Paolo Di Cesare will introduce us to the principles of sustainable innovation and he will help us to understand how a “sustainable UX” can produce positive social and environmental value in addition to business profit.

Co-founder of NATIVA

Paolo Di Cesare is Visioneering Officer and Co-founder of Nativa™.
Nativa™ is a prototypical XXI century company. Its purpose is the Evolution of business and society, in order for them to create a positive impact on people and on the planet, thus growing Happiness. Nativa™ is a pioneer Benefit Corporation™ in Europe, and one of the first in the world.


Activating Customer Experience Inside Organizations

Dave King , General Manager Europe at XPLANE

Hundreds of hours and thousands of euros have been spent designing a new, world class customer experience – and now it is ready for launch. But like many external-facing initiatives the new CX will fail shortly after launch. Why? Because in the rush to launch the inside of the organization will be overlooked, and the ugly truth is this: the inside of organizations is where great CX designs go to die.


A new CX brings with it organizational change, and organizations are made up of people who nearly always resist change. This means activating a new CX on the outside of the organization requires helping those people on the inside understand the What, Why, and How of it – beyond the customer touch points. In this talk Dave King will share the program frameworks, tools and techniques that XPLANE uses to align the inside of organizations to new strategies, and in particular to a new CX.

General Manager Europe at XPLANE

Dave is a design- and visual-thinking strategist with over 20 years experience in creative and professional services organizations. He has been with XPLANE for ten years and held the roles of director of interactive design and vice president of client services. He currently heads XPLANE’s European office and works as a principal consultant on client programs ranging from strategic planning and process design to culture change and organizational transformation. Key clients include: ICANN, BP, Shell, UPS, Intel, Nike, and IHG.


Prior to XPLANE, Dave worked in San Francisco from 1995-2005, where he held leadership roles at ad agencies and start-ups. He has led the design, development and launch of numerous products, services, and campaigns for clients like HP, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Nestlé.


Dave is currently co-authoring a book on the use of design thinking in organizational process design and improvement (O’Reilly, 2017). Dave holds a BA in theater design from Colorado College, and did MBA work at Portland State University.


Coffee Break


The fluency of a good experience

Stefano Bussolon

Cognitive fluency is the perceived difficulty to perform a mental task, and it has been showed to influence a number of judgments: high fluency increases judgments of truth, aesthetic evaluation, hedonic pleasure, effective judgments, preference formation, decision making, willingness to purchase, self-disclosure.

Fluency can therefore have a strong impact on the user experience of a product. A number of parameters that influence fluency can be directly addressed during the design process.

The talk will explain the 6 main actions to improve fluency and, therefore, the user experience:

  • Perceptual fluency
  • Familiarity and the mere exposure effect
  • Linguistic fluency (lexical, sitactic, informationale)
  • Mnestic, categorial and semantic fluency
  • Imaginative fluency
  • Decisional fluency

Stefano Bussolon is a PhD in Cognitive Science; he is an adjoint professor in HCI at the University of Trento, and works as a freelance UX designer in Italy, specializing in user research, participatory information architecture, responsive interaction design, and usability testing. He has worked in a range of industries: bank and insurance, transportation and government organizations.

He believes UX is about satisfying users’ motivations and stakeholders’ goals, and uses the cognitive fluency as the basis of the aesthetic and usability dimensions of interaction.

He spoke at the main international IA and HCI conferences.


Sustainable Customer Experience

Klaus Schwarzenberger , CTO of ExperienceFellow

At the World Usability Day Rome 2016 Klaus will talk about “Sustainable Customer Experience” to show us that HOW an organisation delivers for customers is beginning to be as important as WHAT it delivers. He will explain how to slip into your customers’ shoes to get to know them and observe their journeys to create a sustainable customer experiences.

CTO of ExperienceFellow

Klaus Schwarzenberger is an IT manager with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is CTO of ExperienceFellow, an innovative software to collect and research the customer experience of any product, service, or brand. In 2012 he founded – together with Marc Stickdorn co-author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking”Smaply, a web-based software solution to map stakeholders, service systems and service processes. It allows to quickly digitalise and visualize workshop outcomes in a clear, easy to use format and to work in project teams independent of location.


Lunch Break

Pecha Kucha

#Design #Food #Time #Execution

Alessandro Nasini

Il Food Design non è solo estetica e gusto, ma progetto e pianificazione. La preparazione di un grande piatto può richiedere solo 10 minuti, ma va progettato e pianificato, anche e soprattutto a casa propria.


Alessandro è Design Thinker, Designer, Maker & Entrepreneur. È CEO di Mable e co-founder di @startalia

Pecha Kucha

Usability of Sustainable Document

Luca Caucchioli , Business Development Manager at ibuildings
Business Development Manager at ibuildings

Da sempre appassionato di tecnologia ed innovazione, non ho mai smesso di studiare ed informarmi sui nuovi metodi di sviluppo, linguaggi, gestione del codice e dei progetti. Negli anni sono cresciuto come professionista ma soprattutto come persona. Ho iniziato la mia carriera come sviluppatore software ma anni di evoluzioni e cambiamenti mi hanno portato a dedicarmi allo sviluppo di nuovi business.

Case Study

Reuse of Technologies for a Banking Serious Game

Ida Di Bernardo & Stefano Maggiore , Antreem

Per il secondo anno ci siamo occupati di ideare e sviluppare l’innovation room per un’ambiente enterprise in ambito bancario in cui testare le novità tecnologiche appena uscite e non ancora utilizzate o il riuso di tecnologie consolidate, ma cambiandone il paradigma di utilizzo, costruendoci attorno delle storie che consentissero di rivalutare e riprogettare le esperienze dei clienti banca, per renderle più efficaci. 

Tramite i processi di UX design sono stati concepiti una serie di servizi che utilizzassero ed interagissero con le tecnologie individuate, arrivando fino alla prototipazione e la realizzazione. 

Per migliorare l’esperienza dei visitatori della stanza e farli entrare in un mondo a parte, ci siampo occupati dell’architettura stessa della stanza, riprogettando lo spazio, dal design degli interni, ai materiali, al light design

Ida Di Bernardo & Stefano Maggiore
Pecha Kucha

The other side of design

Giuseppe Burdo , Visual & Interaction Designer

Sometimes it may happen to through away a lot of resources because of strong assumptions and a weak validation process. Usually, there is no long term value without sustainability, which requires a balance between individual and organizational needs within a context.
A power way to be sustainable is to recycle. This job is getting easier when designing user interface if we apply atomic design, patterns, and so on.
What about user experience? How we make people achieve their goals naturally? For example what if we reuse their language in our interface? Also, UX needs to be sustainable, for the sake of multiple stakeholders and people.
In this session user experience and design deliverables start at the opposite sides. Then they will get closer from a big picture to specific parts: needs as principles, experience as journey, story as flow, dialogue as interface, encounters as interactions.
The goal is to apply this thinking for achieving incremental improvements from small to large scale services.

Visual & Interaction Designer

Giuseppe Burdo is an interaction designer, freelancing with agencies and companies between Venice and Milan. As a partner, he includes and designs activities according to the context and objectives. His main interests include human centered approach, behavioral patterns, team workflow efficiency.

Case Study

Designing the Experience of the Internet of Things

Massimiliano Dibitonto , UX researcher & Interaction Designer at Link Campus University

In a few years information and digital services will likely take the form of a shoe, a cup of coffee, a bus stop or a tile. The Internet of Things is a new paradigm of relationship between human beings and the digital world and imposes a new culture and new design methods. For a designer could be hard to explain to his client the potential and the possibility of a scenario that is constantly evolving. The IoT Desig Deck is a tool to facilitate the co-design of connected and “smart” products. It goes from the basic principles of UX classes integrating the main characteristics of the new scenario. The method is still in the testing phase and it is gradually evolving on the basis of feedback gathered on the field.

UX researcher & Interaction Designer at Link Campus University

Massimiliano Dibitonto is a phD in Computer Science, a UX researcher and an expert of Human Computer Interaction, Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication. He is a research fellow at Link Campus University and it’s main research topics are new interaction paradigms and the relation between man and technology. He teaches Interaction Design at Link Campus University and at Rome University of Fine Arts. He took part in numerous research projects as UX and HCI expert, working with italian and international Universities and companies addressing several topics including: promotion of cultural heritage, Internet of Things, in-vehicle systems usability, mobile systems usability and indoor tracking systems.


With VIVO Design Studio he works on the design, prototyping and testing of connected products.

Pecha Kucha

The Unbearable Lightness of projects

Jacopo Romei , Independent Strategy Consulting Professional

At WUDRome Jacopo will inspire us during a pecha kucha about sustainable creative work. He will also dive deeper into the topic during a workshop focusing on the aspects that drive good team and company governance. He will teach tips and techniques to pimp up creative collaboration to guarantee a “sustainable employee experience”.

Independent Strategy Consulting Professional

Jacopo Romei is a strategy consultant and a writer once in a while. After founding a couple of IT companies and evangelised about agile development, he moved on as a full time freelance, coaching teams in Italy, Germany and UK. Lately, working as a lean management specialist, he focused on lean contracts, negotiation and organisation governance issues, sometimes collaborating with Cocoon Projects.

Case Study

Rhizomatica – Mobile communication for all

Giovanni Civardi , All-round System Engineer

Rhizomatica’s mission is to increase access to mobile telecommunications to the over 2 billion people without affordable coverage and the 700 million with none at all.
Giovanni will share his Mexican experience with us, showcasing how they managed to install a local cellular network, providing the indigenous community of Villa Talea de Castro – located in the northern mountain range of Oaxaca – with “unlimited local calls and messages, long distance and international calls at a cost of up to 98 percent less than [that] offered by other telephone service providers.”

Giovanni Civardi
All-round System Engineer

Giovanni Civardi is an all-round System Engineer, Linux expert, and UNIX fan. He worked in many different environments and countries, from the comfortable Amsterdam to the crazy Oaxaca where he co-founded in 2013 the NGO Rhizomatica.

Rhizomatica’s mission is to increase access to mobile telecommunications to the over 2 billion people without affordable coverage and the 700 million with none at all.

Pecha Kucha

The path of Sustainability

Sebastiano Pirisi , Product e systemic designer a STUDIO SUPERFLUO
Product e systemic designer a STUDIO SUPERFLUO

I’m a builder of possible futures. A designer. My multidisciplinary path includes social innovation projects, design of social and productive processes, urban regeneration and upcycling. I am very keen on circular economy, system thinking, the development of sustainable communities and education as a way to achieve them.

I actively participate in the development of innovative groups as CoRete Roma, in the past I have been part of Cantiere Barca in Turin and of systemic research group Sustainable Making. Today I work as a product and systemic designer in Studio Superfluo.

Case Study

The case study of TrafficO2 and the new UX of MUV to foster people to sustainable commuting

Salvatore Di Dio

MUV is a digital platform that gamifys urban commuting and fosters sustainable habits.

The app detects people’s commuting modes, assigns points and gives prizes for green behaviors.

MUV transforms commuting as a sport and everyone can play the game like a professional athlete.
Individual players and teams are engaged in championships and cups at the local, national and international level.

MUV project is the evolution of the 3 years applied research “TrafficO2″ and was accelerated by the Google’s and Hyper Island’s design accelerator program”30weeks”.


Salvatore Di Dio is a service designer with a background in architecture and engineering and a Ph.D. in energy and applied physics. He is co-founder and the Managing Director of “PUSH”,  a multi awarded design laboratory that develops creative and technological solutions for smart cities and social innovation. He is also the design manager of the service design firm “NEU / integrated design” and a strategic consultant of the start-up film company “The Piranesi Experience”. He has published articles and lectured extensively on sustainable urban planning, service design, and innovation policies.


Closing & Goodbye


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#WUDRome 2015

The World Usability Day is a highly professional event occurring annually and adopting a different theme every year. Last year’s theme “Innovation” was a huge success for the Roman edition: 13 speakers, 274 attendees and more than 48 hours of discussion about the values of usability, web technologies, user-centered design & user experience.

WUD Roma 2015 – together with the Italian Summit of Information Architecture – has been one of the most important networking event for IA, UX, HCD & UI professionals around Italy.

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