THU, November 9th, 2017
9.30 am - 6.30 pm


Parco Leonardo
Roma Fiumicino


Conference, workshops, case studies, pecha kuchas, networking.


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World Usability Day

The World Usability Day is an event occurring around the world that brings together UX professionals, IA experts, designers, makers, industrials, academics, managers and government groups for the common objective:

To ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

WUD is organised in more than 43 countries throughout the World to celebrate the strides we have made in creating usable products and to discuss about how usability impacts our daily lives. It is about making our world work better.


Every year Usability Professionals ‘Association (UXPA) chooses an new theme, 2017 is going to be the year of Inclusion.

World Usability Day

Usability means getting products, services and information systems easier to use and understand, and to get them more suitable to users’ necessities, needs and context.

Theme for the year 2017

Inclusion through User Experience

The world is changing and the climate of well-balanced and open society is not as prevalent as many of us would like.  Technology is developing alongside new political changes. This year, 2017 is a pivotal moment in history and we can help shape the course of events by the work we do.

Well-designed user experiences allow for the uniqueness of people’s different strengths and believe to co-exist in a place of similarity and common ground.  Tools and technologies that embrace similarities to tap into the potential of all people creates conditions that promote people to be their best selves, to cultivate and nurture people will produce better outcomes in all we do.

Poorly designed systems create an atmosphere of confusion as people try to figure out how to perform simple tasks that have not been design with the user in mind. In the worst cases, poorly designed technology can produce information and results that is not accurate, further adding to the notion of systems being rigged and information being portrayed as false.

User Experience designers and researching can impact the course of events by creating technology, products and services that are inclusive at their core.

Inclusion through User Experience

WUDRome 2017 - The conference

WUDRome is where the UX world meets

WUDRome 2017 is in its forth edition carrying on its mission of spreading best UX practices and User Centered Design principles to create products and services that could enhance our lives by being effective, efficient, satisfying and reliable, and by being usable by all people. WUDRome 2017 is a highly professional event and has been one of the most important networking events for IA, UX & UI professionals around Italy.

Durante la conferenza #WUDRome2017 si avvicenderanno talk, case study e pecha kucha, quest’ultimo è un racconto conciso con un preciso schema, quello del 20×20: 20 immagini/slide e 20 secondi di commento ciascuna, per un totale di 6 minuti e 40 secondi.

This year’s theme “Inclusion through User Experience” will be discussed through three different talk types: talks (45 min.), case study (20 min.) and pecha kucha (6 min. and 40 sec.). This last one comes from the Japanese word ペチャクチャ [petɕa ku͍̥tɕa], which means “chit-chat”  and is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced.

The official conference language is Italian, but we also have some talks in English thanks to our international speakers.

WUDRome 2017 - The conference

WUDRome is waiting for you

Call For Paper

Become a speaker at WUDRome2017

This is your moment to share your thoughts and ideas about usability, user-centered design and Inclusion. Submit your talk or hands-on workshop and become a speaker at #WUDRome2017. Remember that your proposal must fit the global theme of “Inclusion through User Experience”.
Some relevant topics for this theme are: Universal Design: Creating technology and products that work for everyone, Accessibility, Create more usable government websites, Artificial intelligent (AI) systems supporting global inclusion, AI systems to protect against bullying, Empathy as a part of collaboration , Social Change through Social Media, Unity through Social Change, Unity is inclusion, Change through Inclusion, Inclusion through Collaboration, Global User Experience as a path towards inclusion.



Submission: Sept 9th, 2017
Selection & Acceptance: Sep 15th, 2017
Send us you proposal

To us sustainable means inclusive and inclusive design processes should become a core aspect for all services and technologies.
– nois3.it

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