Oops! I hit the wrong button :(

We are a week away from WUDRome 2021, and as some of you know, the yearly theme is Design of our Online World: Trust, Ethics and Integrity.

Well long story short: I f#@ked up.

We are sorry about that and this was of course without any malicious intent.

What happened is that we were leveraging an e-mail automation software, Mautic for what it's worth, and I imported the wrong list of contacts in the wrong segment.

I could've told you that this was a sort of brilliant sociological experiment to show how these instruments could influence your decisions on whether or not participating a conference.

Well it's not.

Myself, Carlo Frinolli, I plain and simply got it wrong.

The result was an (small) emailaggeddon.

We sent out to the wrong people a wrong welcome with the invitation to check out the online workshops we are going to have (it's true they're awesome, but that's not the point here).

Worse: to apologize myself I'm stuck in sending another email.

Also because in a recent speech of mine I discovered that sending 61 emails is like driving one kilometer in a fossil fuel car.

We are very committed to the yearly topic, as you might know already and we firmly believe in all of the principles we are fighting for. At the same time, we are human, a little under pressure and I just did the wrong thing at the wrong moment.

I believe in accountability also, so here it is.

It has been my fault, I'm sorry and we set up a proper unsubscribe address to let all of you opt-out.

Anyway we really hope to see you at WUDRome 2021, it's gonna be great!